Starting the Year Right


“A loving heart is the beginning of all knowledge” – Thomas Carlyle

I will never forget my first day of kindergarten. I wore my favorite ruffly dress that twirled nicely, my hair in pigtails, and clutched my favorite pink doll tightly. I was excited and terrified all at once.

I was eager to learn and even more eager to be liked by my classmates. Thankfully, the first face to greet me that morning was my teacher, Ms. Neal. Ms. Neal was one of those people created to make small people feel significant, loved, and happy.We were a group of over twenty kids, but Ms. Neal made us all feel special. And there was nothing that we wanted more than to see her smile and sense her approval of our oddly-cut shapes or wobbly-written letters. And approval she gave – loads of it.

Over thirty years later, my brother, a Delta pilot, returned to sit in the back of her classroom just to watch Ms. Neal work her magic. The children quietly sat in their places, raised their hands, respecting her and each other.How did she do it? How did she inspire five year old children to listen to her, respect each other, and most importantly to love learning?

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Laura M. Thomas is writer and editor at This Eternal Moment. A homeschooling mom to three little girls, she loves writing, reading, the great outdoors, and afternoon nap times.

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One thought on “Starting the Year Right

  1. It was my privilege of being Dane Burk´s college minister when he lived in Gainesville, Florida. We also had the privilege of visiting he and Loyda in Ecuador once while we were serving with the IMB in Peru and happened to be in Ecuador for a meeting. Thank you for your testimony of love and blessing that is partially due to Dane´s influence on your life. He has impacted many!!! We are still missionaries but assigned to the U.S. living in Newnan, Georgia just south of ATL. Mike and Kathy Weaver