A Journey into Compassion


This week, I took my children to India, Uganda, and Bolivia. We only visited each country for 30 minutes each, but we were impacted in a powerful way through the lives and conditions that we encountered.

How is this possible? The Compassion Experience, run by Compassion International, offers the opportunity to witness poverty firsthand without ever leaving the country.

“Change the Story” as an “interactive, immersive display allows you to step into the life of a child who has suffered under the crippling weight of poverty.” Thank God, it doesn’t end there.

In each thirty minute journey with a child, we had the chance to hear their stories – how they moved from deep poverty, fear, and pain to a place of provision, care, and love.

Stories of Great Impact


As we followed each child’s journey, we were taken into rooms designed to look as similar to their real homes as possible, with authentic pieces of furniture, decorations, and memories. We saw how one child’s family huddled together at night in a room that is 1/4 the size of my kitchen.

They had no beds. No carpet. Only a dirt floor and two chairs – one chair they took turns sleeping in each night and the other they used to prop against the door to keep drunken and drug-induced men from breaking in.

A young boy – the same age as one of my daughters – shined shoes at the market all day just to make enough money to have one meal per day. Alas, often the money he did make was stolen by others. This meant that many days, he didn’t eat at all.

But then something happened to change his circumstances.

Or rather, someone did.

A couple from the United States decided to sponsor this child through Compassion International and he was able to find a place of peace and provision – and most importantly, to learn about the love that Jesus has for him and for all children.

He experienced what it was to be truly loved – through the director of the Center and his sponsors in the States, who wrote him letters regularly in addition to supplying him with monthly support.

He began to believe that he could have a better life and has gone on to walk out of a life of poverty and into the great plan of God’s provision for him. He is just one story of thousands that need to be told.

Why You Should Sponsor an Orphan


Throughout the last several years, we have sponsored orphans in the countries of Sudan, India, and the Philippines. We placed their pictures on our refrigerator to remind us to pray for them.

While supplying what they need for food and education, I wish we would have written those children more letters to tell them that God loves them. That He has a plan for their lives. That they can overcome great challenges and odds and make a difference in this world.

For any children that we sponsor in the future, this is what I will do differently.

There are many different organizations that have sponsorship programs for children. We personally have sponsored children through Love-n-Care Ministries in India and Harvesters Reaching the Nations in Sudan, to name a few.

Today I will highlight Compassion International since they are the ones who sponsor the Compassion Experience we walked through this week.

For only $38/month, you can sponsor one of 100,000 children from all over the world who are waiting for a sponsor through this organization.

$38 a month in our area is less than the cost of a dinner out for two adults, but this small amount of money can change a child’s life forever.

To Whom Much is Given, Much is Required

You may have heard this line several times, I know. “For only $X/month, you can make a difference in a child’s life.” But after walking through the Compassion Experience this week, I am reminded that this is not just a sales pitch. This is the TRUTH.

And there are thousands of lives waiting –

waiting to be “pulled out of the ash heap” and into a place of safety and provision.

waiting to have the love of Christ demonstrated to them in a tangible way.

waiting to believe that someone could love them.

waiting to be told and shown that they are children of God -children of great worth.

Each thirty minute story in our journey through the Compassion Experience ended with the same scripture: “Everyone to whom much was given, of him much will be required” (Luke 12:48).

I know I have been given much and therefore much will be required of me. What will I do with what is in my hand to give? What will you do with what is in yours?

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